The Scholasticate and the Legacy of Brother Tom Treadaway

The Origin of Treadaway Hall

After their novitiate, Marianist Brothers pursued higher education for a number of years. These Student Brothers were housed in the Scholasticate, separate from the other Brothers.

Built in 1967, Treadaway Hall  served as the Scholasticate to the Marianist student brothers in residence. The Society of Mary leased out parts of the hall to St. Mary’s University in the early 1970s to provide more space to the growing student body. The University used the hall for dorm rooms, classrooms, community spaces, and temporarily used some of its space as a University Center. 

Treadaway Hall’s namesake is Brother Thomas J. Treadaway, an integral figure at St. Mary’s University for many years. During his illustrious career, Brother Tom served in various positions including  Dean of Arts and Sciences, Business, Dean of Faculties, Professor of English, Director of Admissions, Athletic Director, Faculty Employer, Counselor, and his last position in Registrar. By holding various positions throughout his career, Brother Tom became an important part of St. Mary’s life for students and faculty for over three decades. In his role as Registrar, Brother Tom made the greatest impact at the university. Here he assisted students with scheduling classes, keeping a balance of every student and their grades, personally registering students before the days of automation, and approving students for graduation. Ultimately, his signature appears on 6,666 graduation diplomas conferred at St. Mary’s University. 

Brother Tom’s dedication to St. Mary’s is honored in the naming of Treadaway Hall. Previously housed in the Charles Francis Building, the Scholasticate moved to Treadaway Hall to better serve the Student Brothers with a space designed specifically for them. Within the Scholasticate, Marianist Brothers pursued intellectual training after their novitate. The rooms were minimal and modestly sized, reflecting the Marianist lifestyle. With outstretched arms, one could touch both walls of a typical Scholasticate room. Amenities, such as a dining hall, library, and study rooms served the student brothers’ needs. By 1971, the Society of Mary decided to lease out part of the building to the University, providing further amenities to the students of St. Mary’s.

Brother Bernard Stratman, Facilities Coordinator of the Scholasticate in 1971, expressed that the Student Brothers living in the Scholasticate “are willing and interested in accommodating university activities that can be worked in, if use of the Scholasticate by the University is decided.” The Brothers soon got their wish. In the spirit of Brother Tom, Treadaway Hall housed students in the east and west wings of the building and used spaces, such as the art room, as classrooms. The University Center also found a temporary space in the Scholasticate as the institution explored where to place it permanently. St. Mary’s students and Student Brothers lived together in Treadaway Hall. Daily interaction taught students more about the Marianist mission, way of life, and the school’s history. 

The Scholasticate is no longer part of Treadaway Hall, but its significance in the formation of Marianist Brothers makes it an important part of the campus to remember. Brother Tom Treadaway is remembered for the impact he had on so many lives at St. Mary’s.



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Directly East of Parking Lot C. To the north of Alumni Pavilion, which is to the north of the Blume Library and Center for Life Directions.