St. Mary's University Football Program II


First Termination

In February 1931, the governing board determined that football was too costly, consistently going over budget with ticket sales unable to cover expenses. They also cited the need to put money towards improving the educational program for the increased enrollment at the University. The governing board blamed the team’s financial issues on the lack of support from the people of San Antonio. This decision would go into effect in September 1931, making it the first fall without football in 22 years.

In the fall of 1931, students were apprehensive, afraid that school spirit would be broken. Instead, according to the Rattler, University enrollment was at a record high and students were happy to play intramural sports. A student questionnaire conducted in the fall of 1931, showed that favorite activities were intramural sports and school dances. In the fall of 1933, students were asked to vote on whether or not to bring back independent sports. The decision, carried by a 3 to 1 margin, was to keep intramural sports.