The ever-important leadership of PHY were men who had returned from fighting in World War II and spent their non-work time and energy in building up a sports league for youth level players living in the West Side community. These men had left the mainly Mexican community in which they grew up and experienced a different, broader world in the military. So, when they returned, they went to college with the government funded GI Bill, and then sought to become part of the American fabric including getting their children involved in the most American of sports, baseball.


Current and past leadership of the Prospect Hill Yellow Jackets Athletic Club attending their black-tie fundraising banquet. Circa 1968. Photo from private collection of Johnny Zepeda.

Fernando “Nando” Arellano Sr., who passed away in August 2011, was actively involved in the San Antonio community with youth development through sports. The most important of legacy, the obituary, proudly describes Mr. Arellano’s leadership in the PHY. Throughout his working career, Mr. Arellano received numerous awards and recognitions in sports and recreation and was regarded as a man of high moral character and standards (Salazar, Pg. 2-J, San Antonio Express News). Due to his work with youth programs, the City of San Antonio and Bexar County dedicated a baseball field at Rosedale Park and soccer field at Rodriguez Park in his name. In 1932, he founded the PHY athletic club where he eventually served as the organizer and president in the mid to late 1950’s (Fernando Arellano - Obituary. https://www.legacy.com/amp/obituaries/sanantonio/153052190. Accessed 16 Aug. 2020).

Yellow Jacket Pride

PHY Pop Warner football cheerleaders. Circa 1967. Source: Jerry Guevara

Lupe is the mother of Jerry Guevara, whom I interviewed and collected archival photographs including one of the Yellow Jacket pop warner football cheerleaders. Jerry’s sister, Debbie is pictured, who was active with this program during the late 1960’s.

It is clear the leadership of the PHY athletic club had a profound positive impact on the upbringing of the youth who participated in organized recreational sports. The men and women such as Fernando Arellano Sr. and Lupe Z. Guevara devoted significant time and energy as well as the PHY Ladies Auxiliary who ran the concession stand raising money to support the league.